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fathead dog Great stuff! If you like experimental metal, you'll love this band. They are so unique, the only the band that remotely comes close is, Arsonists Get All The Girls, which is probably why I like them so much! Favorite track: The Sanest Sentence.
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VigilSerus A staple for pushing the boundary. These musicians are not afraid to try anything. Soncially unrelenting at its hardest, and a symphony of cosmic ambience at its softest. They seamlessly blend the two forces into a gorgeous album, fit for the discography of any discerning listener. Favorite track: Who Are You?.
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Window to the World: Like a line severing those who watch and the one watching. Uncompromising, experimental death/black ambidjent with a slight thall.


released August 25, 2012



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Maybe That's Why Humans Drink the Darkness That Is Coffee Sweden

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Track Name: Riddle me This
Deathlessness is nothing for the mortal soul, steaming on a limited timeline, living to cut every single thread to an earthbound proposal, rich in vanital arts. Dynasties shatter as skin gets pulled even tighter now.

So riddle me this; how can one so sure of everything critter to a shallow puddle of uncertainty in front of laws like running water for everyone else?
So riddle me this; how can one so sure of everything stand as a victim to an insecure wish, a yielder fresh from the spotlight of a million fearful eyes?
Track Name: Periscope
I laugh as I see these ebony wonders shatter, a silence that can not be heard. Once so special, now just fake.
I laugh as I see these ebony wonders shatter, through my window to the world. Once so special, now just fake.
You're lifting now, lifting to leave.
You've come so far, you're almost there.
So gather your courage and dive.

You spit in the face of all you believe in.
It doesn't look well in a midnight-blue gown.
Once so special, now just fake .
Track Name: Torchlight
I'm so fucking sick of your unswallowable nonsense, hollow as paper, empty of content, so purchase Chateau, celebrate the birth of our problems at four forty-five.

No hesitations
But I'm straight with my wits, I'll hear the bleed of sirens tonight
No limitations
Just an euphoric stab at every moment we had
No hesitations
Bitch please, is there honor or shame in the hurrying sirens who hears to your name?
Condemned to a footprinted face in an anonymous folder

The price tag of your party dress as a satyrical slap to love
The flicker of futures I grant with a sharp, joyless laugh, as I find my way back home.
Track Name: The Sanest Sentence
There's always you
Track Name: Antitune
All these shoplifters, dancing through collective wounds of the trickened failures.
Seeing past the eyes of every light-hearted attempt to slowly reconsider another wail of anger.

Some just like to see things shatter, shatter through the sonic tunnels of history.
Some just love popcorn.

Another diverson to fail the final tests held by a slightly high squirrell in yellow knickerboxer shorts.
I saw the trick you played in front of the TV, on the floor, and you became so delighted, you high-fived me, cuddled my right shoulder and said kkthxbai.
Track Name: Who Are You?
Never alone, evenly sorted.
As I awake myself in Skanstull way past midnight, I see life, I see death in a sorrowful attempt of just letting go.
Track Name: Glowing Stars
As midnight place it's burning hand on life, the trails to gilded ends will dissolve
A pleading wish from the earth who bore her under the starlight
Unhallowed silence, the one that only can be heard
when the vow of returning to birth is eradicated, swept under the judging eyes of fate
There's something hidden in the stars, a letter, a promise

As midnight pulls the wool over countless heads, the smell of poisonous regrets will rise
The wish she once held sacred is the jarring taunt of the year
And tear-stains will dot the flames, burning for absolute survival
Extinguished only when time is ripe for another spirit to disembark
There's something hidden in the stars, a letter, a promise